FULL SHOW: Michael Moore, David Yassky, Max Jaeger on Brooklyn Paper Radio

It’s a coup!

Rabble-rousing documentarian Michael Moore joined Vince DiMiceli and Gersh Kuntzman on Brooklyn Paper Radio, handing the boys their first celebrity interview.

Moore discussed his latest feature “Where to Invade Next” and took time to answer the tough questions about his career and choice of living spaces.

Also on the show former councilman David Yassky talks to our hosts about he Watchtower Society’s move out of Brooklyn and what it means for Dumbo.

And, our hosts discuss Paul McCartney’s inability to catch a T-shirt at a Nets game, the fact that days will finally start getting longer (giving them more time to get work done), and hipsters taking over bowling alleys.

So take a listen to the whole show now by clicking above!

Brooklyn Paper Radio, is the first of the Community News Group’s new radio podcasts. It is webcast live every Monday at 4:30 pm, and can be subsequently downloaded with a free subscription on the iTunes Music Store.