LISTEN NOW: Michael Moore talks with Gersh and Vince about his new movie — and seeing the new ‘Star Wars’ alone

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore can blame the press for the fact that he had to see “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” all by himself on Saturday. Moore told Brooklyn Paper Radio that he was all set to geek out to the beloved franchise with a pal on Friday morning until he had to do an interview to promote his own new film, “Where to Invade Next.”

“By the time I bought new tickets there was only one left for the 12:15 am show, so I’m seeing ‘Star Wars’ alone!” he told hosts Vince DiMiceli and Gersh Kuntzman. “I’ll be the one crying in his popcorn.”

Moore confessed to being a longtime “Star Wars” fan — even of the prequels, in which he noticed an eerie coincidence between the last Republican administration and the Dark Side of the Force.

“I always thought Episode 3 was a great metaphor for Bush and Cheney,” he said. “And George Lucas once told me I was right!”

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