Heights councilman: Bloomberg to blame for city’s homeless crisis

A Brooklyn Heights councilman slammed Mike Bloomberg on Monday, claiming the former mayor is responsible for the city’s homeless problem — not Mayor DeBlasio, who has unfortunately taken the blame.

During an interview on Brooklyn Paper Radio’s Monday afternoon live podcast, Councilman Steve Levin (D–Brooklyn Heights) claimed the present mayor was getting a bad wrap thanks to the sins of his predecessor.

“They inherited a really challenged system that had been chronically underfunded,” said the chairman of the Council’s General Welfare Committee about what the mayor and his team faced. “The Bloomberg Administration really did a great disservice to the city cutting funding for homelessness services for a long period of time.”

Levin added that homelessness in the city actually started to get out of control late in Bloomberg’s tenure, but the full force of the problem didn’t come to light until DeBlasio took the reigns.

He concluded that the DeBlasio Administration is doing a heck of a job dealing with the problem brought about by the previous administration.

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