Listen: Gersh rips into more dead stars

Today on Brooklyn Paper Radio, Gersh Kuntzman — the Most-Hated-Man-in-America — doubled-down on the vitriol that has defined his recent career, slamming some of the world’s most-beloved figures who made the mistake of dying in the past 12 months. Meadowlark Lemon? A “cheater,” Gersh said.

Alan Rickman? “Worst actor of his generation,” added the man who enraged America last week with two bile-filed columns in the Daily News, leading to a petition demanding his firing.

But the airwaves weren’t just filled with hate — co-host Vince DiMiceli and Gersh talk about God with Old First Reformed Church pastor Daniel Meeter, and determined once and for all that this weekend’s blizzard was not an act of Him or Her.

Dick Zigun
The Brooklyn Papers / Greg Mango

Also joining the boys on the phone was Dick Zigun, the mayor of Coney Island, who said the sale of the old Shore Theater is the last piece of the puzzle for a true renaissance of Sodom by the Sea.

So what are you waiting for? Take a listen now!

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Kuntzman eats crow, or in this case, dog food.
Community Newspaper Group / Vince DiMiceli