Borough President Adams on mayor’s trolley: ‘Devil’ is in the ‘details’

Today on Brooklyn Paper Radio, Borough President Adams made his second appearance on the show, this time talking with hosts Gersh Kuntzman and Vince DiMiceli about his recent trip to Israel, where he witnessed stabbings first hand — though Gersh reminded him he didn’t have to go halfway around the world for that.

The Beep also came out swinging against the runaway housing that’s resulted from the Downtown Brooklyn rezoning and came out swinging in favor of, well, more swinging! Adams says he’s a strong advocate to bring Mixed Martial Arts fighting to New York — the only state where it is banned. Such a move, of course, would benefit Brooklyn, Adams said, as Ronda Rousey and Co. could soon be competing in Brooklyn — and borough kids could be inspired to stay healthy (though, frankly, his argument in that area was a bit sketchy).

Most important, Adams said the “devil is in the details” of the mayor’s plan for a $2.5-billion trolley from Sunset Park to distant Queens, voicing concerns about many of the flaws exposed in Brooklyn Paper coverage.

Then, the boys sit down with Jason Adams, whose new “Brooklyn” lapel pins (along with others from far-off places like Staten Island) are sweeping the nation. Adams and Jordan Roschwalb of pin maker said Brooklyn is obviously the perfect label accessory, but Manhattan has its supporters, including Gersh’s girlfriend, who is awesome.

Finally, the boys talked about Lauren Gill’s story this week about overcrowding at the York St. station in Dumbo, which is really a problem.

Oddly, the hosts never got to the most important topic of the day: A woman who hosts parties to get new moms to buy sex toys, which many of us believe is the lord’s work.