Gersh’s mouth roars — and now he owes a young Brooklyn filmmaker 300 bucks!

Brooklyn Paper Radio again lit up the webcast waves on Monday as Gersh and Vince were joined by Adonis Williams, who discussed his new film “Civic Minds” about the rise and fall of Brooklyn bodegas — and the boys got a chance to try out for a big part in the movie that Williams is trying to fund.

In a stunning move, notoriously cheap Kuntzman vowed to match any contribution to the filmmaker’s site, up to $300. Naturally, the filmmaker whipped his supporters into a frenzy pushing the needle to the very mark of $300, forcing Kuntzman to put a crowbar to his wallet.

“I’ve never been prouder of Adonis Williams then when he forced me to put my money where my mouth was, and contribute $300 to a very worthy cause,” said Kuntzman. “Now I only hope he will make me proud again — by putting Vince and I in the movie where we belong. I’m tired of this radio gig.”

This week’s “Morning Papers” segment was one for the ages, as Brooklyn Paper reporter Lauren Gill faced off with the New York Post’s Danielle Furfaro over their dueling stories about a new subway entrance attached to a luxury apartment building Downtown. Spoiler alert: For Gilly, it was a win-win, and for Furfaro it was lose-lose.

Then Allegra Hobbs slams the door on her admittedly confusing story about plans to put office space inside Williamsburg’s industrial area — without any study like the one needed to ban hotels in the same area. We think that pretty much sums it up.

So click above, or below, or wherever it is, and enjoy the show!

And as always, do what you gotta do!

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