This year’s winner at CitiField? Papa Rossa pizza!

Brooklyn Paper Radio’s annual Baseball Preview was a hit, as John Karangis of Union Square Events (you know, the guys who run Shake Shack) served the boys two of his signature pies created for the new Papa Rosso pizza joint opening at CitiField this year!

In a radio first, Gersh and Vince sampled the Neopolitan-American hybrid on the air, finishing two 10-inch pies in record time — without sharing a bite with producers Johnny and Jimmy — and sounded shocked when they learned the pies would go for $12.50 a pie.

“This has got to be the best bang for the buck at the ballpark,” Kuntzman proclaimed after learning the pie, which Karangis said feeds “one-and-a-half people.”

Karangis also let the boys — and new Brooklyn Paper reporter Madeline Anthony — sample three of his new Italian ices served in the classic, instantly recognizable New York-style paper cup in three flavors, chocolate cherry, lemon, and one DiMiceli mistakenly thought came from Guam.

“I gotta say, I love the lemon,” DiMiceli said.

The boys were later joined by Brooklyn Paper Deputy Editor Ruth Brown, who recapped her attempts to get presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in the studio, and Reporter Lauren Gill, who following a big story about electing community board members.

All in all, it’s a great listen, and can be found, as always, right here on, on iTunes at, on Mixlr, and of course, on Sticher.

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