Brooklyn Paper Radio moving to a new day and time!

It’s must-see radio!

Brooklyn Paper Radio — the Community News Group’s first attempt at tapping into the exploding local podcast market — is moving to Thursdays at 4:45 pm.

The almost-award-winning show, which was named a “must-know podcast” by our pals at, makes the jump from Monday to Thursday in hopes capturing an even larger audience during the all-important spring ratings sweeps, according to one of its hosts.

“We all remember NBC’s must-see line-up on Thursday nights in the 1980s, and we’re sure we can make that magic happen again on Brooklyn Paper Radio,” said host and Daily News Columnist Gersh Kuntzman, who should not be confused with Daily News columnist Mike Lupica. “Our studies show most people were listening to our podcast, which can be heard any time, on Thursdays anyway, so now they can listen live — and call in.”

DiMiceli, the editor-in-chief at The Brooklyn Paper, confirmed the move, but claimed it only happened because a change in Kuntzman’s schedule at the News, and has nothing to do with “ratings sweeps” or “studies.”

“As is his wont, Gersh has once again blown things out of proportion,” DiMiceli said. “But I’m still looking forward to working with Gersh on Thursdays.

Brooklyn Paper Radio launched in December, and guests have included legendary director Michael Moore, legendary guitarist Carlos Santana, and legendary comic book author Dean Haspiel, as well as numerous Brooklyn luminaries including Borough President Adams — twice!

All in all, it’s always a great listen, and can be found right here on, on iTunes at, on Mixlr, and of course, on Sticher.