Election shocker: Weiner to vote for Hillary

The Midwood Mouth is back!

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner, whose rise and fall in city politics (well, mostly his fall) dominated the front pages of New York’s two tabloids — and is documented in a soon-to-be release movie — said that Hillary Clinton is the “most qualified candidate for President since George Washington” during a holds-barred talk with Gersh Kuntzman and Vince DiMiceli on Brooklyn Paper Radio Thursday.

The former mayoral candidate, who spoke to the boys while walking through the streets of Manhattan uninterrupted on a sunny Thursday afternoon, said he would support the former Secretary of State even if his wife wasn’t a high-ranking staffer in Hillary’s campaign, and that he had no plans to watch the documentary about his failed bid for mayor.

“I certainly won’t pay to watch it,” he said.

Weiner made headlines in The Brooklyn Paper back in 2010 for his passionate speech on the House floor about his colleagues taking a stand in favor or against a bill that would provide health care to first responders and those made sick in the aftermath of the attacks of 9-11.

After that, he made some other headlines.

Gersh and Vince were also joined by reporter Lauren Gill, who spoke of a breaking story about geese living on the Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn’s Nautical Purgatory.

Seeing an opening, DiMiceli used the canal story as a segue to important fish jokes he learned from his 9-year-old son.

“Where do fish keep their money?” he asked the aptly named Gill. “At the river bank.”

Gill didn’t get the joke.

As always, it made for scintillating radio.

But all in all, it looks to be a great listen, and can be found, as always, right here on BrooklynPaper.com, on iTunes at, on Mixlr, and, of course, on Sticher.

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