Cyclones skipper: We will right this ship

Cyclones manager Tom Gamboa joined hosts Vince DiMiceli and Gersh Kuntzman on Brooklyn Paper Radio and claimed the team’s slow start to the season was an aberration, and new blood in the form of recent signees such as Florida Gators star first-baseman Peter Alonso will start adding up to wins.

“We like the talent that the Mets got out of the draft,” the skipper said. “Once we get our full squad here the fans will be pleased with the talent we put on the field, and I can promise them we’ll have much more offense than we had last year.”

The Cyclones then lost to the Connecticut Tigers 3–2.

But Gamboa said help is on the way.

“I’m told in Alonzo’s last college at bat hit a ball completely out of the stadium, measured at 500 feet,” Gamby said. “He is one of the most prolific home run hitters in college baseball.”

Gamboa then cheered some of the players already on the team, including shortstop Colby Woodmansee, whom he says is good with the bat and the glove, and second baseman Nick Sergakis, who is “off to a very good start for us.”

Also on the show, Courier Life deputy editor Max Jaeger discussed his recent run-in with law-enforcement officials on the Coney Island Boardwalk where he was written up for drinking an alcoholic beverage in public — which led to an impromptu conversation with “Mr. Coney Island” Dick Zigun about whether his Mermaid Parade, known to celebrate all things Freak, has gone too mainstream, or, as Gersh did say, “lamestream.”

For the answer, you’ll have to tune in.

Finally, reporter Lauren Gill then earned a trifecta, recapping three of her big stories of the week — a proposal to add a new entrance to the F train, the controversy over a proposal to add a protected bike lane on Clinton Avenue, which would become then become a one-way street, and, of course, goats taking away jobs from humans at Brooklyn Bridge Park.