Radio edit! Gersh Kuntzman demands funds for ‘Murder at the Food Coop’

Brooklyn Paper Radio co-host Gersh Kuntzman, who refuses to take a vacation, once again burst into the studio during yesterday’s podcast and demanded listeners invest in his soon-to-be-Fringe Festival musical sensation “Murder at the Food Coop” — and even claimed that anyone smart (or dumb) enough to fork over $20,000 would be able to keep all the show’s profits.

“That’s how much we would need to cover all the show’s costs, and anyone who gives that much has a chance to earn it all back and then some,” Kuntzman said shortly after interrupting a banjo solo by deputy editor Max Jaeger. “Of course, there are the risks of cost overruns, and that person would be responsible for those as well.”

It was just another day in the studio in America’s Downtown where co-host Vince DiMiceli tried to do the show “his way” — with cool jazz, low decibels, and mellow — and before Kuntzman burst in and made his demands — a move that didn’t sit well with his co-hort.

“Gersh once again showed me that if I even try to do it different and veer off the trail he set forth on, he will come out nowhere, kick down the door, and start playing corny music from yet-to-be-produced comedy,” DiMiceli said. “It was one of the worst segments we’ve ever done on Brooklyn Paper Radio.”

Kuntzman then brought in his show’s director, Eric Oleson, who couldn’t explain why DiMiceli didn’t make the cut for a part in “Murder,” but pointed out he had some talent.

“Have you ever considered the movies,” he asked.

Kuntzman left as quickly as he came in, leaving DiMiceli and Jaeger to finish the show on their own, which they did, discussing sharks at Coney Island, the death of greasy-spoon diners in Southern Brooklyn, and, of course, goats.

So tune in, and enjoy!