Today! Listen to Brooklyn Paper Radio with or without Gersh!

Technical difficulties put a halt to yesterday’s live webcast of Brooklyn Paper Radio, but don’t fret! We’ll play it live for all to listen today during your early Friday drive home at 4 pm!

The episode is mercifully bereft of Gersh Kuntzman, who is working on his new Fringe Festival play “Murder at the Food Co-op.”

In his stead, Brooklyn Paper editor-in-chief Vince is joined by Deputy Editor Max Jaeger to discuss Presidential politics now that the owners of Schnitzel Haus in Bay Ridge removed an autographed picture of one-time patron Donald Trump from the walls of the beloved restaurant.

Then, Deputy Editor Ruth Brown joined the fray, giving her two cents on a story about unequal pay for doormen and security workers at separate portions of one Downtown project.

That led to a scintillating discussion of the Jay Street bike lane and, of course, cocktails.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t listen to Gersh during last week’s unheralded episode, which snuck its way on Thursday without much fanfare. In that edition, Gersh and Vince discussed Brooklyn’s L-Pocalypse with a random Williamsburg resident who may or may not have been former Brooklyn Paper reporter Aaron Short.

But enough about that. On today’s show, Brooklyn Paper radio is recorded and podcast live every Thursday at 4:45 pm — for your convenience — from our studio in America’s Downtown and can be found, as always, right here on, on iTunes at, on Mixlr, and of course, on Stitcher.