Community Board 6 district manager Craig Hammerman joins Gersh and Vince on Brooklyn Paper Radio!

Longtime Community Board 6 district manager and legendary poker player Craig Hammerman joined Vince and Gersh of Brooklyn Paper Radio this week to discuss the brewing controversy over the decades-old Halleck Street dumping ground that no city agency wants to clean up.

Hammerman claimed that Halleck Street, named for legendary journalist Fitz-Green Halleck, needs to be cleaned up by the Department of Transportation, which is responsible for it as it owns the street.

The problem lies in the fact that the dirt will need to be tested for hazardous materials such as asbestos before any shovels touch it.

Hammerman pointed out that while Mayor DeBlasio technically lives in the district the Hammer represents, he doesn’t have the mayor on speed-dial, even if he did this wasn’t a problem that could be solved with one phone call. He also pointed out Gersh and Vince should not take a wheelbarrow full of dirt from the area in question and dump it on the mayor’s front lawn. Sage advice indeed.

Citi Bikes also made it into the conversation, with Hammerman claiming new Citi Bikes stations make it imperative that people no longer have to drive to the neighborhood famously nicknamed “no-Park Slope,” and instead just use the pedal-powered service.

The district manager also pointed out that local eatery Johnny Mac’s has the “best chicken wings in the city,” proof-positive that you never know what your are going to learn when listening to the show.

So take a listen today!

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