CLIP: Editor’s son to Editor: Your Brooklyn Paper Logo stinks!

It was blood vs. blood in this clip from the latest edition of Brooklyn Paper Radio, in which Brooklyn Paper editor Vince DiMiceli was scolded by his progeny for having the gall, never, and audacity to okay the change of The Brooklyn Paper logo from the old-school “BP” to new “funnier” logo that the younger, smarter DiMiceli said was more fitting of a comedy newspaper.

“Your a newspaper and you are supposed to be serious,” the 9-year-old said. “You aren’t the Onion.”

For the record, DiMiceli approved the new logo that makes Brooklyn appear as if it is the only thing in the world earlier in the year, claiming it would change the way readers look at the Paper forever.

“It’s the choice of a new generation,” he said back then.

The fireworks were shot off after a scintillating discussion about the first day of school that features a one-liner the likes of which could have been written by comedy great Henny Youngman.

So take a listen, and enjoy!

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