Park Slope Parents’ Susan Fox talks schools on Brooklyn Paper Radio

Today on a very special episode of Brooklyn Paper Radio, hosts Gersh Kuntzman and Vince DiMiceli celebrate the fall — and the first day of school — with Susan Fox, the founder of

Together they discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of the first day of school, including some anecdotes about their best and worst first days from years gone past. And, of course, the trio will discuss in depth the so-called “Common Core,” a topic regular listeners of the show know quite well thanks to DiMiceli’s bringing it up out of context just about every episode.

Also joining the boys are two actual students whose summer came to a screeching halt on Thursday, when they were ripped from their beds, dressed, fed breakfast, and sent off against their will to a house of learning.

So take a listen today at 4:45, or download it and listen at your leisure on your new iPhone 7 or 8 or whatever they are up to over there.