LISTEN: Brooklyn Paper Radio interviews a cyclist who was run over by a truck!

You think you’ve got problems? Katie McKenna has problems.

On Oct. 2, 2007, McKenna, then a Williamsburg striver on two wheels, was run over by a truck at the corner of Maspeth and Vandervoort Avenues.

Run over.

By eight wheels of an 18-wheeler.

She lived.

The result is her comic memoir, “How to Get Run Over By a Truck” (Inkshares), which, despite its name, is a laugh riot voyage through getting run over by a truck, recovering, living, loving, dumping the boyfriend who basically nursed her back to health (look, it’s not what you think), and walking unaided again even though a doctor told her she would never do that again.


The good news is Brooklyn Paper Radio hosts Gersh Kuntzman of the New York Daily News and Vince DiMiceli of this very Brooklyn Paper were smart enough to also book Adam Goldstein of the liquor store Red, White & Bubbly to bring some new product and keep the conversation flowing.

Goldstein and his sommelier Andrew Lurie poured some red, white and bubbly (no, seriously) from the shop’s new Hearts of Brooklyn series and kept the conversation flowing. Along the way, we learned:

1. You can survive being run over by an 18-wheeler.

2. The driver of said 18-wheeler — who didn’t even signal! — can emerge without being charged even though you almost died.

3. You can — and should — break up with anyone you want, even if he or she stood by your hospital bed and changed your diaper because your organs don’t work anymore (there, I said it).

4. Man, Red, White & Bubbly makes some great wines!

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