Friday on Brooklyn Paper Radio: Powerful councilman breaks his silence on CitiBike!

How rude – and how effective!

Brooklyn Paper Radio co-host Gersh Kuntzman bullied City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez into appearing on this week’s show by attacking the Upper Manhattan Democrat for failing to publicly discuss his back-room negotiations over the long-awaited expansion of CitiBike.

On Thursday, Kuntzman, who is also a Daily News columnist, posted a really long barn-burner of a story (and I mean really long!) criticizing the company that runs CitiBike for the stalled expansion. Kuntzman condemned the company, as well as city officials, for not returning his calls to discuss the vital form of mass transit.

Kuntzman also got angry with Rodriguez, who, as chairman of the Transportation Committee, has a lot to say about CitiBike. In his story, Kuntzman said he called Rodriguez “repeatedly,” but never got a call back.

“I’m not sure if he’s dodging or if his office is merely incompetent,” Kuntzman wrote in the Daily News. “In any event, term limits will happily fix that.”


Sure enough, Rodriguez’s aide called Kuntzman on Thursday and offered Rodriguez up for an full interview on Friday on Brooklyn Paper Radio.

“I’m happy to let the Councilman have a full hour to discuss his vision for CitiBike,” Kuntzman said. “That’s why I went after him publicly. It worked. You’re welcome.”

For his part, Radio co-host Vince DiMiceli was just happy to have Kuntzman once again produce the segment without the help of the show’s so-called producer, Johnny or Jimmy or whatever his name is.

“I have a lot of strong opinions about how CitiBike is run, so I’ll be asking the tough questions,” DiMiceli said. “But as far as lining up the talent, booking the guests, and writing these stories, look, I just don’t have the time. And apparently, neither does Jimmy, or Johnny, or whatever his name is.”

It’s will all go down live, tomorrow at 4 pm on Brooklyn Paper Radio.

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