CLIP: Get your Gersh on as Gersh interviews Gersh!

He’s done it again — I mean, I’ve done it again!

Brooklyn Paper Radio co-host Gersh Kuntzman grilled Daily News columnist Gersh Kuntzman about the latter’s satirical novel “COUP!”, which was serialized last week in New York’s Hometown Paper.

“We were really lucky to land this interview,” Kuntzman told Brooklyn Paper Radio listeners.

In the interview, author Kuntzman detailed the plot of a book he called “hilarious.”

“People don’t know it, but the 25th Amendment allows a vice-president and a majority of the cabinet to overthrow a president who they believe is ‘unable’ to perform his duties,” Kuntzman said.

“Did you make air quotes around ‘unable,’ Gersh?” Kuntzman asked Kuntzman.

“Indeed I did, Gersh,” Kuntzman said. “Now, of course my novel is a spoof, but there are many people who believe that Trump’s conflicts and his obstruction of justice make him unable to serve as president. So in my book, Pence first lines up support from eight members of the Cabinet.”

Each member of the Cabinet, of course, wants something in return for his or her loyalty, so Pence spends most of the book doling out inside-the-Beltway favors (including relaxed marijuana laws for stoner Ben Carson!).

“It’s hilarious,” Kuntzman said.

The author agreed — and offered another reason why everyone should buy the spoof on (LINK: ).

“In my book, Melania is so done with Donald that she uses Tinder to date men all over town. One of them is, of course, based on me,” Kuntzman said, drawing gasps from Kuntzman. “Hey, it’s not so ridiculous. I mean, she’s 46 years old. And she’s sick of her husband. I’ve done pretty well in my post-divorced life with that very demographic.”

It’s not the first time Kuntzman has interviewed Kuntzman. Upon the release of his last book, “Chrismukkah: The Official Guide to the World’s Most-Beloved Holiday,” Kuntzman sat down with the then-Brooklyn Paper Editor Kuntzman, who went after the writer as a “hack” who should not be interviewing himself.

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