There’s no dancing around it: Councilman Rafael Espinal talks cabaret laws with Gersh and Vince

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Bushwick Councilman Rafael Espinal Jr. wants to put the kibosh on the city’s controversial cabaret laws — which prohibit bars and restaurants from allowing dancing without a license — and he came on Brooklyn Paper Radio today to tell you why.

“This law has been used in the past to target places of color, and that is still true today,” he said.

Host Gersh Kuntzman couldn’t agree more that the law limits the right to dance to just a few chosen rich people.

“There are two things in life I have never understood,” Kuntzman said. ”The first is ‘How could the plot of a movie rely on the ridiculous notion that a small town in the mid-west would ban dancing. And the second is how is it that there has never been a movie made about how New York City actually banning dancing.”

Of course, fiscally conservative talk show co-host Vince DiMiceli had some tough questions for the councilman, including why the city needs a new Office of Nightlife — another one of the democrat’s proposals.

But Kuntzman is on board with such a department — as long as he is put in charge of it.

“I am officially sending you the first resume for Commissioner of Nightlife,” Kuntzman said. “I’m the guy who saved Sunny’s bar!”

At that point, the councilman hung up on Kuntzman — or at least appeared to.

For his part, Kuntzman said he would become the “Robert Moses of nightlife, I will make that job more important than the mayor’s!”

If there is one thing they Kuntzman and DiMiceli have strong feelings about it is baseball — specifically, Cyclones baseball — and with the season starting on Tuesday night, the boys were joined by relief pitcher Joe Napolitano, whose mom is from Queens and dad from Brooklyn.

“Oh-no!” Gersh screamed. “A mixed couple!”

And in another development, Kuntzman interviewed first-time novelist Gersh Kuntzman, whose book, “Coup!” about Donald Trump was serialized this week in the New York Daily News. It’s not the first time Kuntzman has interviewed Kuntzman, but it is the best.

It was like yet-another gold-star, award winning show, so tune in today at 4:30 to hear all the action.

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