Gersh is gone — but Brooklyn Paper Radio endures

It’s the end of an era — and the beginning of a new one!

This week’s episode of Brooklyn Paper Radio was the first without former co-host Gersh Kuntzman, who had his “last show” for the last time last month, and after a two-week hiatus, Brooklyn Paper editor-in-chief Vince DiMiceli took the reigns solo thanking his “partner” for a job well done, and wishing him the best in his time of need.

“By now, we’ve all seen it on the news and read it in the papers, and we all know what happened the Gersh,” DiMiceli said. “But I want everyone to know I love my partner, and I love his family.”

At press time, it was unclear what happened to Gersh, but it was clear that, with the exception of some sound bytes played in the background by producer Johnny “Jimmy” Kunen, he was not on the show.

Instead, DiMiceli introduced senior Brooklyn Paper reporter Lauren Gill to talk about her earth-shattering story about a small town in Iowa that has many of the same street names as her beloved Brooklyn Heights.

DiMiceli and Gill were then joined by the mayor of Dunlap, Iowa, Jason Knickman, who took time away from his double-duties as the small city’s highest ranking elected official — and deputy sheriff — to discuss the strange coincidence regarding the streets.

And while he didn’t have any answers to the riddle as to why the streets had the same names, he did say he’s looking forward to some day visiting Brooklyn and walking the streets of his town — although he doesn’t intend to hop over the Brooklyn Bridge.

“I’m a pretty big guy,” Hizzoner said. “You don’t want to see me hopping over anything.

So take a listen to another scintillating edition of Brooklyn Paper Radio — the first of the post-Gersh era, right now.

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