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New York’s state government doesn’t work and there are two ways to fix it — vote yes on a Constitutional Convention and change the way things get done, or vote out the bums who refuse to make change happen in Albany.

That’s what we learned on the latest edition of Brooklyn Paper Radio when firebrand radio host Curtis Sliwa — who thinks a Constitutional Convention is the only way to clean house in Albany — took on Park Slope Assemblyman Robert Carroll, who claims such an undertaking will be a huge waste of money and time that will be controlled by the very people causing the problems.

“Having a state Constitutional Convention that is going to cost tens of millions of dollars and opens up our entire constitution to the forces that have resisted change for decades is not the best way to go about it,” Carroll said.

But Sliwa didn’t mince words in his appeal to the voters, claiming that Albany is a cesspool of corruption back-room deal making and the only way to solve the problem is to give the people the ability to clean house.

“We waste money in this state as if we have a printing press,” he said. “And you’re worried about wasting money for a constitutional convention?”

But Brooklyn Paper Radio host Vince DiMiceli’s ears perked up when Carroll pointed out that delegates to the Constitutional Convention will get paid $80,000 a year, and hoped he could use his sway with new friend Sliwa — the chairman of the state’s Reform Party — to get named to the panel.

“Eighty K a year?” he said. “How do I get in on that action?”

That — and much more — all went down live in our studios on Halloween day. But we can’t tell you all about it. You have to take the first step.

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