Park Slope mom: How I stopped worrying and learned to love Trump

Viva La Donald!

In a rambling interview that touched on lightening-rod topics such as visiting Toronto, eating poutine at Mile End, enjoying coffee and real corned-beef hash at Dizzy’s, and being a squatter (or as they call it in Arizona, a homesteader), Brooklyn Paper’s longtime “Fearless Parenting” columnist finally admitted she appreciates the work of the 45th United States President.

“Love Trump,” Stephanie Thompson said while discussing the new federal tax laws. “Trump has stirred things up, and I appreciate what has happened in the world since he came on the scene.”

Thompson pointed out that her neighbors in Park Slope, where she has lived for 16 years, loved watching and talking about The Donald’s television show, and that his popularity — driven home by his lifestyle — more than anything led to his election.

“He has big gold towers that he owns, and big boobed women who he sleeps with, and that is all very cool,” she said. “That’s America. We got who we are. That’s something we all have to think about.”

But upon deeper questioning, Thompson dialed back her love for the orange man when considering whether or not he has the country’s best interests at heart.

“A lot of the principles on which he won were self-centered,” she said. “But I like to believe that he has a heart of gold, and that some of this is bluster to make us think.”

That was enough for Brooklyn Paper editor Vince DiMiceli to approve the above headline, but you’ll have to listen to find out just how much — or how little — Thompson approves of the president’s performance.

So tune in now and find out!

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