Rep. Yvette Clarke on BPR: The new tax deal stinks (unless you’re rich)

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke told Brooklyn Paper Radio hosts Vince DiMiceli and Anthony Rotunno that gridlock in Washington caused by lines in the sand that Republicans refuse to cross is unbearable, and that the new tax plan is going to come back to haunt working Brooklynites.

“Unfortunately, not a whole lot is happening in Washington right now,” she said. “And everything that has been done has been really, really bad.”

The really bad that she refers to, of course, is the tax bill which President Trump has sold as “rocket fuel for the economy,” but which DiMiceli said actually increased his taxes. That, according to Clarke, is because he doesn’t make enough money (something he intends to discuss with his boss real soon).

“If you are extra, extra, wealthy, you are going to be fueled in perpetuity,” she said. “But if you are working class, middle class, average everyday American, whatever bump you got won’t last for long.”

But all hope is not lost. Clarke claimed there are still Republicans in Congress who can be reasoned with (although their numbers are dwindling), and she’s confident a Democrat could be elected to the Executive Branch in just two more years.

“There are plenty of good Democratic candidates out there,” she said.

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