Find out what to do this summer on Brooklyn Paper Radio

Are you ready for the summer?

Even if you are, you still need to take a listen to the latest edition of Brooklyn Paper Radio on which Brooklyn Paper arts and entertainment editor (yes, we still have one of those) Bill Roundy — an American treasure — tells hosts Vince DiMiceli and Anthony Rotunno exactly what they have to do this summer in Brooklyn.

Want concerts? How about Janelle Monae at Afropunk? Check. Barenaked Ladies and Better Than Ezra in Coney Island? Check. Aimee Mann at the Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival? Roundy tells you all about it.

And it wouldn’t be summer without our beloved Brooklyn Cyclones who, as usual, are playing better than the Mets! Roundy has the breakdown on when to head out to MCU Park and take home the best swag!

The show also featured a surprise visit by Brooklyn journalist Gersh Kuntzman, who is again “between jobs.” Kuntzman provided coffee for himself and editor-in-chief DiMiceli, but failed to bring one for Rotunno, Roundy, and producer Johnny, much to their chagrin.

“Well, you know DiMiceli took me off the scrapheap of New York City Journalism,” Kuntzman deadpanned. “He deserves the coffee.”

Given DiMiceli’s place in Kuntzman’s long career in New York journalism, Kuntzman asked his former colleague why he (Kuntzman) is having such a difficult time landing a good job.

DiMiceli drew a long sip of his Nitro cold brew and sighed.

“Gersh, you sometimes rub people the wrong way,” he said.

Kuntzman objected to DiMiceli’s parameters.

“I rub people,” he said, defending his hard-charging style. “Yes, I rub people. Not the wrong way. I just rub them.”

“Maybe that’s the problem,” Rotunno added.

Scheduled to appear on the show but cut for time was super-intern Saul Marquez, whose last day was Tuesday. Sorry, Saul. But let it be known you will be missed, and good luck to you in the future.

Brooklyn Paper radio is recorded and podcast live every Tuesday at 2:30 pm — for your convenience — from our studio in America’s Downtown and can be found, as always, right here on, on iTunes, and of course, on Stitcher.