On BPR: Meet our awesome interns!

It takes a village to put out a newspaper every week (and a website every day, and a podcast periodically), and on the latest edition of Brooklyn Paper Radio, we give you an inside listen into the lives of some of the villagers.

Summertime in Brooklyn Paper Land, when community boards are on vacation and the news hole gets harder to fill, brings a unique creature to the Brooklyn Paper building in America’s Downtown: the intern.

Working for hard-fought credits at their individual institutions, be they New York or Brigham Young universities, or some state college in Westchester, these curious specimens delight and amuse fellow colleagues with their bright eyes and bushy tails.

But they are not here to simply run out and get high-paid editors coffee from the Au Bon Pain downstairs. We learned early on that they could not be bothered with such menial tasks. (“I said a medium with cream and no sugar! This is clearly a large coffee regular!”) No. They are here to learn the craft of journalism in the big city, snapping photos of illegally parked dumpsters and attending every Cyclones game to make sure you, dear reader, stay informed all summer long.

All this is just a (very) roundabout way of saying on this week’s show, we go inside the minds of interns Ben Verde (SUNY Purchase, Class of 2019) and Bobby Kirschenbaum (NYU, Class of 2020) to find out what they learned so far.

Kirschenbaum, for one, has come to the realization that you cannot use a pun for pun’s sake.

“The pun has to make sense,” he said.

And Verde has learned that one should score a baseball game in pencil, so one can easily erase the inevitable mistake.

But those are just two of the nuggets you’ll learn on this week’s episode. For more, you’ll have to listen right now. Or whenever you please. It is a portable podcast, after all.

Brooklyn Paper Radio is recorded and podcast live every Tuesday at 2:30 pm — for your convenience — from our studio in America’s Downtown and can be found, as always, right here on BrooklynPaper.com, on iTunes, and of course, on Stitcher.