ON BPR: State Sen. Martin Dilan says his challenger was a Republican from Florida

State Sen. Martin Dilan doubled down on his verbal assault on the Florida immigrant to Brooklyn who is challenging him for his seat in Albany on the latest edition of Brooklyn Paper Radio.

Joined by hosts Vince DiMiceli and Anthony Rotunno, Dilan, who has been in office since 2003, said despite the fact a judge had thrown out his case to get Democratic Socialist Julia Salazar off the ballot, he would continue the fight remove her because she’s just not from here.

“We feel that she is a resident of Florida, and we are taking it to the Court of Appeals because we felt the judge who handled the case in the lower court did not look at the law,” Dilan said, claiming Salazar’s voting record and driver’s license proved she was, as far as the law is concerned, a Floridian.

DiMiceli wasn’t buying it, claiming Dilan was trying to get Salazar off the ballot on a technicality, but Dilan said the law is the law.

“If she wants to be a state senator, she should follow the law,” he said.

On top of that, Dilan claimed that Salazar had only become a Democrat recently, just to take him on.

“For you to come and run for state Senate when you have been registered as a Republican from 2009 to July 2017.” he said. “You go from true red to extreme left. That’s a problem.”

Salazar, who appeared on Brooklyn Paper Radio in July, is hoping to ride the wave started by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic Socialist who came out of nowhere to defeat time Queens Rep. Joe Crowley and knock of Dilan. She is also being backed by gubernatorial candidate and former “Sex in the City” star Cynthia Nixon.

During his time on the show, Dilan also made the case for him being re-elected during the Sept. 13 primary which, for some reason, is on a Thursday instead of the normal Tuesday.

“Who’s idea was that?” DiMiceli wondered.

Dilan then pointed out Tuesday is Sept. 11.

“Okay, that make sense,” DiMiceli said.

Listen now to hear it all.

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