On BPR: A peek at boro’s past — and present, and future — with the beep

He’s Brooklyn’s man for the ages!

Kings County’s commander in chief is calling on locals to share photographs of the city’s best borough taken throughout the decades as part of a new visual-history project that he stopped by Brooklyn Paper Radio to tell our hosts about in an all-new episode.

Borough President Adams is turning to the good old days for his “A Blast from Brooklyn’s Past” project as a way to unite his longtime constituents with their just-settled counterparts over their shared love of the County of Kings.

“People romanticize the past,” the beep told co-hosts Vince DiMiceli and Anthony Rotunno. “And there’s something about looking at old photos — Polaroids, black and whites. They’re great visuals.”

But the past was just one hot topic the co-hosts dove into with Adams.

The pair discussed also the present — specifically, Mayor DeBlasio’s week-long residency in his former stomping grounds during his so-called “City Hall in Your Borough” initiative, which kicked off in Kings County on Monday with officials’ ceremonial ride over the Brooklyn Bridge on some of the new pedal-assist-electric rental bikes they’re deploying ahead of the imminent “L-pocalypse,” and continues with events through Friday.

And also, the future, when Adams — a former cop and state senator — is expected to hit the campaign trail in an attempt to succeed the second-term DeBlasio as his tenure at City Hall comes to a close in 2021.

“I’ve never made it a secret that hopefully one day I can be the mayor of the city of New York,” Adams confirmed. “And hopefully that day will come.”

And although we, and he, will have to wait for that day — you don’t have to wait to listen to the entire episode, which is live now on BrooklynPaper.com.

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