Ingrid Lewis-Martin

On the third episode of her Power Women series, Schneps Media President and Publisher Victoria Schneps interviews Ingrid Lewis-Martin, the senior advisor to Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

During the interview, Lewis-Martin discusses her childhood in Brooklyn, her career and what’s next for the Brooklyn borough president.

Growing up in Crown Heights, Lewis-Martin has fond memories of her neighborhood, describing her neighbors as surrogate parents that always looked out for her. According to the Brooklynite, they were a “united family.”

Lewis-Martin was raised in a Panamanian and Barbadian family with two supportive and loving parents. She loves her community, and says her Brooklyn neighbors taught her to respect her elders, respect herself and to be respectful to each other as children.

“There are two kinds of people those who are born in Brooklyn and those who would have wanted to be born in Brooklyn,” Lewis-Martin said.

After highschool, Lewis-Martin graduated from John Jay College, where she studied criminal justice.

In her first full time job, she served as an administrative assistant to the student government at CUNY. She then worked as the deputy campaign manager for Major Owen’s campaign.

After this, she received further teaching certifications from NYU and City College, taught at her junior high alma mater for nine years and ran an education program.

During her tenure as an educator, Lewis-Martin helped elected officials achieve their political goals.

“I started getting a reputation as the lady on Montgomery Street who helps everybody,” Lewis-Martin said.

However, she has the most experience working with Adams.

They first met through her husband, who went to the police academy with Adams in 1984. They became friends and later developed a professional relationship when she was hired to run his campaign for New York State Senate.

Although she has nothing but respect for the former borough presidents, she believes Adams has taken this role to an even greater level.

Lewis-Martin said Adams may use his experience and skill to run for mayor one day.

“He’s really community-driven. He cares about the needs of the people who elected him, and even people who didn’t vote for him…He wants to make sure that people in Brooklyn get their fair share from all levels of government.”

Lewis-Martin looks forward to continue making a positive impact in her community.