On BPR: What’s next for the BQE and the playoff-bound Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Paper Radio this week hit the waves to talk the latest news regarding the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, as well as the playoff-bound Brooklyn Nets.

Co-hosts Zach Gewelb and Johnny Kunen were joined by reporter Kevin Duggan, as the trio spoke with Peter Bray, the executive director of the Brooklyn Heights Association, about the fall out following last week’s town hall as it relates to the BQE.

Bray said that “a threshold has been achieved,” given that the city will no longer be trying to force a highway onto the Brooklyn Promenade. In fact, it was the day of the most recent town hall that the city revealed a new “expert panel” to consider some other solutions.

“Clearly the city is saying that it made a mistake before with its original two plans, that it didn’t widely consider other options, and now its time to talk a fresh look and the fact that the panel was announced on the day of the town hall meeting… It didn’t surprise us,” Bray said.

Kunen then pitched his own idea on how to solve the BQE’s issues: make the triple cantilever an above ground two story tunnel.

Bray didn’t dismiss the idea, saying that “all creative ideas need to be put into the hopper.”

Moving on, Gewelb and Kunen talked about the exciting playoff-clinching weekend for the Nets and how they might match up against either the 76ers or the Toronto Raptors.

Nets coverage will continue on next week’s show as we discuss the team’s first-round match-up.

We encourage listeners to email bpnewsroom@schnepsmedia.com with comments on the Nets’ playoff chances and the BQE. We’re happy to read some of the comments on next week’s show.

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