Founder of Auster Agency Karen Auster

The weekly podcast Power Women features strong ladies such as Judge Judith Sheinlin of “Judge Judy,” Pat DiMango of “Hot Bench,” New York City Census Director Julie Menin, and many others.

This week’s guest is Karen Auster, the founder of Auster Agency, a leading experimental marketing agency located in the heart of Dumbo.

Auster, born in Flatbush, talks to host Victoria Schneps about growing up on Long Island with a father who instilled a hard work ethic in her and even allowed her to help selling cars in second grade.

She got her start in the marketing business after a friend told her that she had leadership skills that could make her a good producer. She built her marketing career from the idea of creating dance parties for families.

“I often say that I’d probably do it for free,” Auster said. “I love creating. What’s more exciting than coming up with ideas to draw people to come places?”

Auster discusses what has made her successful in this week’s edition of “Power Women.”

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