Lauren Patten Is Guest for the Launch of Gay City News’ “Thank You For Coming Out”

Dubbs Weinblatt, a trans, genderqueer, queer, and gay creative talent has been a pioneer in bringing fresh perspectives to the improv world. They bring their talent and expertise to Gay City News in our new podcast, “Thank You For Coming Out.” As queer people, we are constantly coming out, and each coming out story is unique in its blend of humor, heartache, worry, and wonder. The podcast, inspired by Dubbs’ beloved live comedy show of the same name, will pair them as host with lesbian, gay, trans, bi, non-binary, and more members of the queer community to discuss their coming out stories.

In the debut episode, available at, actress Lauren Patten (@pattenlauren), star of “Fun Home” and the upcoming Alanis Morrisette musical “Jagged Little Pill,” joins Dubbs for a discussion of how her work on stage influenced her identity.

Host Dubbs Weinblatt.

It’s our inaugural journey into the wild and wonderful stories of LGBTQ people sharing their always vulnerable and often hilarious stories of coming out.

Gay City News is proud and excited about this new venture, and listeners can visit our website, iTunes, and other podcast platforms each Thursday to catch Dubbs and friends.

Guest Lauren Patten.