Halstead CEO Diane M. Ramirez shares her secrets to success

On the newest episode of Power Women with Victoria Schneps, Diane M. Ramirez, the chief executive officer and chairman of Halstead Real Estate, joins the show to discuss her secrets to success.

Under Ramirez’s leadership, Halstead has grown into a company with more than 1,400 agents throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, the Hamptons, Hudson Valley, New Jersey and Connecticut.

On the podcast, Ramirez talks about growing up in Queens, her family life and her exquisite career. She also gives insider advice on real estate and staying present, even when work and success seem overwhelming.

Born in Jackson Heights, with families all around her, Ramirez credits her supportive but independent childhood for part of her success in business.

“We all had a sense of freedom, of being able to play out in the streets,” Ramirez said. “Every parent was your parent.”

But still, being outside and having that freedom meant Ramirez also had to be self-sufficient.

“I also did high school in Jamaica,” Ramirez said. “So I had to travel at a young age on my own and that, again, gave me the confidence of what I could accomplish.”

Ramirez started in real estate as an agent. With young kids and a supportive husband, the job worked well with her life. But when the kids went off to boarding school, Ramirez knew what she had to do.

“That’s when I knew I wanted to elevate my career,” Ramirez said. “So I decided to open my own firm.”

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