This week on the QNS podcast: Willets Point, Jimmy Van Bramer versus the DSA, and how a Queens surgeon saved MLK Jr.

This week on the QNS Podcast, we’re talking about Willets Point, its displaced workers, the development’s history, and how the city’s neglect of the Iron Triangle has served one artist who takes full advantage of the urban decay.
Our reporter Max Parrott went on the ground with “Joe” Zolkowski to talk about his craft and will talk about his experience.

Then we’ll talk about how an open letter to Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer penned by a Democratic Socialists of America co-chair may have been more representative of a personal beef than the opinions of progressives toward the borough presidential hopeful.
We’ll also bring on special guest, Ron Neclario, a local legend of a basketball coach to talk about his equally legendary father who extracted a letter opener from Martin Luther King Jr.’s aorta.

This show was hosted and written by Mark Hallum and Jacob Kaye. Ethan Stark-Miller co-produced, co-wrote and co-hosted our story on Willets Point. Max Parrott contributed to this podcast. Our reporters include Mark Hallum, Carlotta Mohammed, Jenna Bagcal, Emily Davenport, Max Parrot and Bill Parry. Our editor is Robert Pozarycki. This show was edited by Jacob Kaye. Music by blue dot sessions. This podcast is brought to you by Schneps Media.