This week on the QNS podcast: The New Reformers introduce their candidates, Katz’s gun violence reform, and more

Welcome back to the QNS Podcast, a weekly look at the week’s biggest Queens news. Hosted by Jacob Kaye and reporter Angélica Acevedo, each show will take a look at the week’s most important stories from across the borough and across topics.

This week, Melinda Katz wants to make the Queens District Attorney’s office more of a community partner by using the office’s money to fund local organizations. She also has a plan to prevent crime, not prosecute it — but will implement longer sentences for gun traffickers and increased training for law enforcement.

Reporter Max Parrott tells us about the New Reformers, a reform-minded PAC aimed at running candidates for district leader, and their launch party on Thursday. Costa Constantinides, who’s in the running for Queens borough president, has plans to make the borough more accessible that he said he wants to implement once in office.

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders draws more than 20,000 supporters at his rally in Long Island City on Oct. 19. And, finally, if you’re looking for some Halloween fun this week, listen to the “Happenings” for some ideas.

The QNS Podcast will be back next week, on Nov. 4.

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