This week on the QNS podcast: Elections Edition 2019

Welcome back to the QNS Podcast, a weekly look at the week’s biggest Queens news. Hosted by Jacob Kaye and reporter Angélica Acevedo, each show will take a look at the week’s most important stories from across the borough and across topics.

It’s all about Tuesday’s elections this week. We break down some of the questions on the ballot for the City Charter Revisions. We also touch on some of the issues that the candidates for the Queens District Attorney’s office — Melinda Katz and Joe Murray — want to address if elected.

Finally, we introduce our first guest on the QNS podcast: Councilman Costa Constantinides. We talk about his candidacy for Queens Borough President, and why he’s centered his campaign around the climate crisis, diversity, and education issues.

The QNS Podcast will be back next week, on Nov. 11.

This episode was written by Jacob Kaye and Angélica Acevedo. Jacob Kaye and Angélica Acevedo are the co-hosts. Jacob Kaye edited the episode. Our reporters include Bill Parry, Carlotta Mohammed, Emily Davenport, Jacob Kaye, Jenna Bagcal, Max Parrott and Angélica Acevedo. Our editor is Zach Gewelb. Music by Blue Dot Sessions. Published by Schneps Media.