This week on the QNS podcast: Election recap and we talk with two Long Island City-based musicians about their new album

Welcome back to the QNS Podcast, a weekly look at the week’s biggest Queens news. Hosted by Jacob Kaye and reporter Angélica Acevedo, each show will take a look at the week’s most important stories from across the borough and across topics.

We gave a quick recap of the elections: Melinda Katz cruised to victory in the District Attorney’s race and Jumaane Williams won the public advocate office.

Jacob spoke to some Glendale residents at the homeless shelter protest on Nov. 2. Total Wine liquor store, which is looking to come to College Point, ran into some hurdles when about 30 politicians came out against the project.

Lastly, we talk with Pat Irwin and J. Walter Hawkes about their upcoming album “Wide Open Sky,” which was inspired by their neighborhood, Long Island City.

The QNS Podcast will be back next week, on Nov. 18.

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