This week on the QNS podcast: A recap of the mayor’s town hall in southeast Queens and a discussion with the founder of Friends of Ditmars Park

Welcome back to the QNS Podcast, a weekly look at the week’s biggest Queens news. Hosted by Jacob Kaye and reporter Angélica Acevedo, each show will take a look at the week’s most important stories from across the borough and across topics.

This week, we recap Mayor Bill de Blasio’s town hall meeting in southeast Queens on Nov. 13. We touched on how Success Academy asked the mayor several questions about their need for a permanent school in the community, which de Blasio and the Department of Education said they’ve found a solution for.

We also talked about the Ozone Park community protests demanding more police presence after a series of violent attacks against Muslim and Bangladeshi residents. Following the protest, the Queens South Assistant Chief David Barrere held a meeting to address the community’s concerns.

Lastly, we spoke with Michael Moreno, the founder of Astoria’s Friends of Ditmars Park group, who talked about sustainability in Queens and their annual farmers market, or Youthmarkets. Moreno also has a podcast called The Actor CEO Podcast in which he teaches actors how to treat their careers like a business.

The QNS Podcast will be back next week, on Nov. 25.

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