Ann Conroy, President of the Long Island Division of Douglas Elliman, Real Estate

On this episode of Power Women, Publisher and President Vicki Schneps is joined by power woman, Ann Conroy, the President of the Long Island Division of Douglas Elliman, Real Estate. Ann talks about her family diatomic, growing up in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn and what brought her to Real Estate. “The first day I walked into that office, I fell in love… and the first check I got, I thought, my God, they actually pay me to do this?”

Vicki and Ann go on to talk about today’s real estate market and how the rise of prices has effected the number of people moving their business’s to New York. “I think we probably lost 2 percent or 1 percent of people,” Ann explained, “but you learn to live with it, you can’t change it. I think it’s created a little downward pressure on prices in the luxury market.”

Finally, Ann gives her advice to our listeners on the importance on being authentic. “I think trust is the main thing. You can never have somebody not trust that you’re going to do the right thing, for the right reasons, and it’s not hard to do.”

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