This week on the QNS podcast: Updates on LGA’s redevelopment project and AirTrain concerns from the community

Welcome back to the QNS Podcast, a weekly look at the week’s biggest Queens news. Hosted by Jacob Kaye and reporter Angélica Acevedo, each show will take a look at the week’s most important stories from across the borough and across topics.

This week, we touch on LaGuardia Airport’s billion-dollar redevelopment project, and the above-ground AirTrain that they want to build for it. Although many have agreed that LGA will benefit from the redevelopment project, the AirTrain has been a point of contention.

We talk with Nuala O’Doherty-Naranjo, who’s running for the Assembly seat that’s currently held by the 16-year incumbent Michael DenDekker, about the Jackson Heights community’s concerns regarding the AirTrain. O’Doherty-Naranjo believes LaGuardia hasn’t been “a good neighbor,” and don’t want to listen to some of the alternatives some people have suggested for the AirTrain, such as extending the N and/or R lines.

We also spoke with Larry Gallegos, the community outreach manager for the LaGuardia Redevelopment project, and Hersh Parekh, the director of government and community relations for Aviation Redevelopment at the Port Authority. They talk about why the airport’s redevelopment project is important for the Queens community and how they’ve worked with the community.

The QNS Podcast will be back on Dec. 9.

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