Compass’ Erica Keberle Talks Fixer-Uppers, Catskills Vs. Brooklyn

Drawing on expertise renovating fixer-uppers and working in housing for the city after 9/11 and Sandy, Compass real estate agent Erica Keberle offers what she calls “real estate therapy” for folks who are feeling conflicted about home in 2021: To buy or rent? Sell and rent? Hold and renovate? Invest or trade up or move out of New York City?

In this latest episode of The Brownstoner Podcast, Keberle explains what is special about the neighborhoods ringing Prospect Park, describes life in the Catskills, offers advice to first-time buyers, and predicts how COVID-19 will affect New York City.

“We’re in a unique period in history and for New York City,” said Keberle, who specializes in co-ops and condos in the $500,000 to $2 million range. “We might have a challenging couple of years, but this is a city that survives, reinvents, and thrives, and I feel there is a lot of opportunity for positive outcomes in the future.” (Sponsored)