Bringing Tourism Back to New York with Fred Dixon, President and CEO of NYC & Company and Cristyne Nicholas, Chair of NY State Tourism Advisory Council

New York City and particularly Manhattan have lost a lot of residents, let alone tourists. We kind of forget how much we rely on tourists until they are no longer around. This is especially hard on a city like New York, which relies heavily on international visitors that spend money at our hotels, restaurants, iconic attractions, street vendors, taxis, museums, shopping venues and recreational facilities.

Fred Dixon and Cristyne Nicholas are the vocal advocates on behalf of the tourism industry of New York City and New York State. Fred Dixon is President and CEO of NYC & Company, New York City’s official destination marketing organization and Cristyne Nicholas was former CEO and President of NYC & Company during the 9/11 tragedy and now serves as the Chair of New York State Tourism Advisory Council, as well as Chairman of the Broadway Association, devoted to the cultural and economic betterment of midtown west and the Broadway theater district.

Hear from this dynamic duo on what innovative ideas they have to lure local residents to look for new experiences in the area, how they will get the industry back on its feet, and what theatergoers and fans can expect differently from Broadway shows coming out of this pandemic.

Every week as part of our new Schneps Connects Podcast Series, we will feature exceptional leaders like Fred and Cristyne while we pull back the curtain on their proudest accomplishments, biggest challenges and all the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Produced by Jill Carvajal and Josh Schneps