Hudson River Park, A Lifeline for New Yorkers: Madelyn Wils, President and CEO of the The Trust

This year throughout the pandemic, New York City Parks have been a source of health and wellness for New Yorkers.  Hudson River Park’s 4+ miles of open space, which runs from Chambers St. all the way up to W. 59th St.has helped to lift the spirits of the people of the City experiencing challenges which they have never seen the likes of before.

Madelyn Wils, President and CEO of The Trust, a State authority in partnership with the City of New York, under her leadership, has been responsible for moving along the completion of the 550-acre riverfront park and estuarine sanctuary. Wils talks with us about her experience in working to develop the West side of Manhattan, about all of the new Piers (57, 97, 26 and 76) and the futuristic-looking floating island park which is set to open this spring 2021.

Recently after the taping of this episode Madelyn announced her retirement and has stepped down from her role.

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Produced by Jill Carvajal and Josh Schneps