MetroPlus Chief Brand, External Relations Officer, Lesleigh Irish-Underwood

This week’s Power Women Podcast is with Chief Executive of MetroPlusHealth, Lesleigh Irish Underwood.

Ms. Irish-Underwood is the first Chief Executive and External Relations Brands Officer at MetroPlusHealth, the health plan of choice for over 600,000 New Yorkers. Coming from United Way of New York City where she served as SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Ms. Irish-Underwood has spent a lifetime dedicated to serving the underserved.

Victoria asked Lesleigh who inspired her in her formative years. Lesleigh shared that she has drawn inspiration from her grandmother and mother. Her grandma immigrated from the Island of Montserrat, cleaning houses endlessly in Bed-Stye till she became so successful that she was able to purchase real estate. Her mom on the other hand was an educator and another role model for her. Lesleigh explained that they were the fierce strength in her DNA that inspired her to be able to accomplish whatever she set out to do!

She discussed how her role at the United Way of New York prepared her for her present leadership role of Chief Executive and External Relations Brands Officer at MetroPlusHealth.

To finish, Lesleigh offered some tips to success, emphasizing to constantly stay curious. To never stop learning is something Lesleigh believes in strongly. She also advises to be empathic and caring. “Business moves at the speed of relationships- so it’s critical that you create deep and authentic relationships with everyone you are interacting with.”

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Produced by Chaya Gurkov and Eric Hercules