Queens Public Library Celebrates its 125th Anniversary with Dennis M. Walcott, President & CEO, Queens Public Library

The Queens Public Library, celebrating its 125th Anniversary, is of the nation’s largest public library systems with 66 locations in the most diverse urban area in the world.  Libraries are community centers vital to our City’s post-pandemic recovery.  The Queens Public Library offers a collection of more than 5 million books, more than 87,500 educational, cultural, and civic programs and welcomes 11.5 million people each year.  

Dennis M. Walcott, President and CEO of Queens Public Library and a lifelong resident of Queens talks with Josh Schneps, CEO, Schneps Media about the millions of Queens residents who utilize the library system,  the many services visitors depend in addition to accessing books, how the pandemic will reshape libraries over the long-term and what the Mayor and City Council members need to know about the value of investing in libraries.

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Produced by Jill Carvajal and Josh Schneps