Lex Pe’er Horwitz, Thank You For Coming Out (While Staying In)

In this week’s episode of the Gay City News podcast “Thank You For Coming Out,” creator and host Dubbs Weinblatt (they/ them) welcomes Lex Pe’er Horwitz (they/them).

Lex Pe’er Horwitz is a queer, non-binary transmasculine Jewish LGBTQ+ Educator, Activist, Consultant, and Public Speaker based out of Philadelphia. Lex received their B.A. in Psychology and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies from Bowdoin College, where they competed as the first out transgender athlete in collegiate squash and as the first out trans athlete at Bowdoin. Their advocacy focuses on educating allies and members of the queer community on LGBTQ+ identities, topics, and issues through a multitude of pathways–facilitations, workshops, lectures, policy development, curriculum creation, one-on-one support, and consultation services to name a few. Lex’s goal is to provide a judgement-free safe space for all people to engage in critical conversation about gender, sexuality, and community. You can learn more about Lex and access their free educational resources on their website. Stay connected and follow Lex’s journey through Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Patreon, and YouTube.

As queer people, we are constantly coming out, and each coming out story is unique in its blend of humor, heartache, worry, and wonder. “Thank You For Coming Out,” inspired by Dubbs’ beloved live comedy show of the same name, pairs them as host with lesbian, gay, trans, bi, non-binary, and more members of the queer community to discuss their coming out stories.

Listen in to our latest incredible journey into the LGBTQ communities’ vulnerable and often hilarious stories of coming out.