Mayor de Blasio’s Solutions Czar and Top Lawyer, Kapil Longani, Counsel to the Mayor of New York City, on Mandates

This past year, New York City, the largest city in the world has implemented several mandates, many without precedent based on the Pandemic, to help keep residents and visitors safe and incentivize vaccinations.

On this episode of Schneps Connects, one of the key stakeholders, Kapil Longani, Counsel to the Mayor of New York City, focused on providing clarity on the City’s Vaccination and Test Mandates for millions of city workers, residents and visitors.

Longani speaks to Josh Schneps, CEO, Schneps Media talks about his advisement to the Mayor and City Hall on high profile and sensitive legal matters affecting the City, including public health/hospitals, schools, law enforcement, criminal justice, union negotiations, economic development, immigration, affordable housing, ethics, and EEO/personnel matters.

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Produced by Jill Carvajal and Josh Schneps