A Lifetime of Healing for Families Changed by Terrorism, Military Conflict or Mass Violence with Terry Grace Sears, Executive Director of Tuesday’s Children

Terry Grace Sears, the Executive Director of Tuesday’s Children is a nonprofit family service organization, based in New York.  Following the events of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, Tuesday’s Children was founded with a long-term commitment to serve and support the 3,051 children who lost a parent on that day.   Terry has been pivotal in Tuesday’s Children’s evolution from a 9/11-focused organization to a nationally focused nonprofit serving military families of the fallen and other communities impacted by traumatic events and mass-scale tragedies. 

Terry talks about how in recent years, Tuesday’s Children expanded its mission to support gold star families, families impacted by military conflict or mass violence and and how people can get involved as there is clearly a need for mentors and what they do as a source of support for families in need.

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