Amtrak’s NYC & NY State Projects with Jina Sanone, VP, Northeast Corridor Service Line

Jina Sanone, Vice President of the Northeast Corridor (NEC) Service Line at Amtrak is responsible for its performance between Washington, D.C. and Boston.  She is working on the transformation of the NEC in the post COVID-19 environment, and the exciting opportunities presented by recent and upcoming changes, including Moynihan Train Hall, the New Acela fleet, and new trains that will be rolled out across the system.

Jina talks about the most popular destinations coming out of NYC, how Moynihan Train Hall benefited Amtrak, NYC and the improvements recently made at NY Penn Station.

  • Acela trainsets are expected to come in Fall 2023
  • East Side Access and Penn Access; what Long Islanders need to know about potential Amtrak service
  • Amtrak’s NY State projects i.e. Berkshire Flyer, Burlington service
  • Sustainability

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