Creating Wealth with Retail Investing in Alternative Investments with Milind Mehere, Founder and CEO, Yieldstreet

The last several weeks have seen huge volatility in the equity markets – most investors are looking for financial independence and a better financial future for themselves and their families.

Milind Mehere,  Founder and CEO of Yieldstreet, an alternative investment platform talks about new options for people looking to create wealth through investing.  Yieldstreet offers users access to some of the most important wealth-creating markets, right from the palm of their hand.  Yieldstreet’s funds range across asset classes including Real Estate, Legal Finance, Marine Finance, Commercial and Consumer Finance, Venture Capital, and Art Finance. 

Milind talks about the death of 60/40 thinking and the future of retail investing and the goal of enabling people to access investment opportunities that were previously blocked off with high minimums, ultimately working to shrink the wealth gap.

Hear how to jump in to build wealth even if you are just starting out with investing in these asset classes or have not amassed wealth before.

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