Blue Smoke, Curling Southern Style Smoke on the Grill for 20 Years with Executive Chef, Bret Lunsford

Barbeque season is upon us and today we have an expert griller!  

Blue Smoke is a barbecue restaurant rooted in the culinary traditions of the American South that has found its home in New York City. Named for the legendary curl of smoke that rises from perfectly smoked barbecue, Blue Smoke has been a pioneer of New York City barbecue for 20 years. Executive Chef Bret Lunsford and the culinary team create food that draws from the diverse traditions of The South.

Bret shares some grilling secrets for listeners, his favorite things to grill and how things are going at Blue Smoke upon their 20th Anniversary and as people return to the office in NYC.

Bret will be participating in Schneps Media’s One of a Kind Grill Competition: Hamptons vs. NYC as part of the Dan’s Taste Series presented by Yieldstreet on August 5th, 2022.  To purchase tickets here:

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